Weybourne Holdings Pte. Ltd. Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

For the year ended 31 December 2023

Pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, this constitutes the Modern Slavery Act Statement for Weybourne Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“Weybourne Holdings”) and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) for the financial year ended 31 December 2023 to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chain. The Group, headquartered in Singapore, carries out businesses across markets through Weybourne Holdings’ principal subsidiaries, Dyson Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“Dyson”), Dyson Farming Limited (“Dyson Farming”) and Weybourne Limited (“Weybourne”).  


Weybourne Holdings is committed to acting in an ethical manner and to ensuring that modern slavery plays no part in the operations of our businesses or that of our suppliers.  We have a zero-tolerance policy for modern slavery and human trafficking, and we expect the same commitment from all third parties with whom we have a business relationship. To that end, a code of conduct is supplied to all third parties we engage with, which includes steps that we expect them to have taken to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking and requires them to be transparent about their efforts in this regard. This includes conducting risk assessments to identify and address modern slavery risks and carrying out due diligence processes when entering into business relationships with third parties. It is also made clear that Weybourne Holdings reserves the right to commission an audit of all such third parties’ business activities (including their anti-modern slavery and human trafficking practices) and / or terminate any agreements should this code of conduct be breached.  


A number of company policies and procedures exist to ensure the fair treatment of all those employed directly and indirectly by Weybourne Holdings.  These include “right to work” checks, a whistleblowing / Speak Up policy, a Respect at Work policy and an Equal Opportunities policy.  Any activities formally investigated under these policies and resulting decisions are reported to the Board of Directors at each quarterly meeting.  


Organisational Structure


Dyson Holdings Pte. Ltd. 

Dyson, also headquartered in Singapore, is a global group of technology companies committed to conducting business in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.  Dyson’s business operations primarily include engineering, research, development, manufacturing and testing operations in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia, Mexico, China and the Philippines. Dyson has created problem solving technologies for floorcare, haircare, air purification, robotics, lighting, and hand drying. Dyson independently prepares an annual Modern Slavery and Child Labour Statement in line with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2012 (SB657), the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018, the Swiss Child Labour Law 2022 (DDTrO) and the Canadian Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act 2023 (Bill S-211), outlining its policies and procedures which can be found on the Dyson website (Here). 


Weybourne Limited 

Weybourne is a UK business that provides professional services to other companies in the Group and related parties. Although its turnover falls below the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015’s threshold for mandatory reporting, Weybourne is clear that forced labour in any form is unacceptable and works to a code of conduct which sets out strict requirements in relation to ethical practices and health and safety.  


Dyson Farming Limited 

Dyson Farming is a UK business, organised around three key operations: farming, property and energy production.  Dyson Farming has independently prepared a Modern Slavery Act Statement for the financial year ended 31st December 2023 pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  A copy of that statement can be found on the Dyson Farming website. (Here). 


Other parts of the group 

Apart from Dyson, Dyson Farming and Weybourne, no other member of the Group supplies goods or services and therefore no other member of the Group falls under the scope of The Transparency in Supply Chains provision in the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.  


This statement was approved by the Board of directors of Weybourne Holdings at its meeting on 21 March 2024. 


Sir James Bucknall

Weybourne Group